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Solid Gold Invest.

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Offering you pieces that reflect quality and exquisite design, these pieces of jewelry are true art and exceptional creativity. Our jewelry exudes originality, solidity and a unique sense of fashion.
Each piece of jewelry is special and may be suitable only for you.

Every customer is important to us, that's why we constantly visit jewelry exhibitions, looking for inspiration and the latest ideas, and we try to present the most reliable and best products to our customers! Products are sold new and used.

In our stores at solidgoldshop.com, you can find exquisitely designed pieces with various natural gemstones and diamonds, as well as the popular zirconia stones, which have similar properties to and closely resemble diamonds, and other various stones. Jewelry with precious stones has certificates and is checked. All products are tested and have the appropriate jewelry mark.

-Our company also makes individual orders.

- To make a jewelry product according to an individual order, send a description of the desired model and a photo to email info.solidgoldinvest@gmail.com

- We ship products throughout the United Kingdom and abroad, we consult and advise on various jewelry issues.

Frequently Asked Question!

It’s no secret that properly chosen jewelry can not only complete the whole image, but also help you express yourself and the emotion you feel at the time.
Combining gold and silver jewelry. By mixing jewelry of different metals, you will give your image more depth and uniqueness. Whether you combine silver with yellow or red gold, you will quickly create a bright contrast that will attract the attention of everyone around you.
Gemstone jewelry can be used to create both classic and contemporary looks. By choosing one of them, you will show that you are well aware of what fashion dictates at the moment.
For lovers of timeless classics.
Pearls never go out of fashion and are considered the truest classics. Traditional pearl earrings and necklaces are the ideal way to add more elegance to your look.

Pendants with precious stones are considered a classic of classics, so they never go out of fashion. However, the significance of such pendants depends on the gemstones they are made of. That is why, when considering which of these gems to choose, be sure to take a closer look at the meaning of each of them.

Store them in a safe, dark and dry place. Jewelry boxes are ideal for this, which are usually covered with a soft fabric that protects the jewelry and from scratches. You can also think about a special jewelry box. Remember that direct sunlight or moisture can irreversibly affect the appearance of jewelry.

Precious stones can be very different, from the well-known diamonds to rubies or emeralds. So, some of them can be very hard and resistant to various damages, while others can be quite sensitive to scratches.
This requires careful and gentle cleaning of jewelry and gemstones. The best way to do this is to soak the jewelry in a soap solution and wipe it with a soft cloth specially designed for cleaning jewelry. Do not use tools such as toothbrushes or sponges that could damage the surface of the gem or precious metal. You can also use the cleaning method to care for pearls.

  Try not to get perfume, lotions or creams on them. Also, remove jewelry if you are going to swim, shower, or just enjoy sunbathing. Direct UV rays, water or various chemicals can have a negative effect on your jewelry.


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