Elegant luxury necklace with blue Topaz

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Sterling silver
Blue Topaz
Necklaces length: 50-56cm
Pendant length: 6mm
Overall weight: 2,44g
Packed in a box.
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Royal Mail.

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Elegant luxury necklace with blue Topaz. Covered with a silver chain, in yellow gold, it adds a sense of exclusivity and luxury, whether it is a business meeting or a luxurious party.

Blue topaz is prized for its bright and deep blue colors, which can range from a light, almost transparent blue to a deep, rich blue. This stone is popular for its transparency, luster and aesthetic appeal.

Energetically, blue topaz is considered a stone of communication and expression. It helps promote clear thinking, improves communication skills and helps unleash creativity. Blue topaz also helps build self-confidence and encourages the search for truth and wisdom.

Wearing blue topaz as jewellery or having this stone in your environment can help improve communication skills, promote clear thinking and creativity. It is an excellent choice for those who work in creative professions, as well as for those who want to improve the effectiveness of their communication with others. Blue topaz is also valued for its beauty, giving a sense of luxury and elegance.


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